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    (Updated April 21, 2017)

Airline Local 1833 Retired Members Social Club

*****Mailing address: P. O. Box 97, Newport, MN 55055
***** Website address: localiam1833.org
***** Face Book address: IAM Local1833 Retirees

Executive Board:
President         Mary Sansom    (masansom@juno.com)
Vice President        Barbara Harris
Recording Secretary    Open
Treasurer        Vicki Beebe (vabeebe@msn.com)
Trustees        Gayla Hiar, Tom Hoppenstedt, and Lucena Slaten

Business Meetings and Luncheons are the 3rd Thursday of each month (except February)

Business Meetings:  March 16; May 18; July 20; September 21; November 16, 2017
beginning at 12:00 PM
7851 Metro Parkway, Suite #114, Bloomington, MN 55425  

Luncheons:  April 20; June 15 (Picnic); August 17; October 19; December 21, 2017
with Happy Hour at 11:00 AM; lunch served at 12:00 PM at Casper’s Cherokee
4625 Nichols Rd, Eagan, MN Luncheon cost is $17.00 per person (except Holiday Party)   

Special Events: June 15 – Annual Picnic at Highland Park, St. Paul and December 15-
Holiday Party at Casper’s Cherokee
If attending the Picnic in June or Holiday Party in December, please bring a non-perishable food item for local food shelves

Pension    1-800-683-3582
Delta Passes    1-800-683-3582    website: dlnet.delta.com
Wings Financial Credit Union    952-997-8000
    14985 Glazier Ave., Apple Valley, MN     952-997-8000
    Four Appletree Square, Bloomington, MN     612-726-2073
    3240 Denmark Ave., Eagan, MN         651-289-3395
    7300 France Ave., #115, Edina, MN         952-698-3088
    1804 7th Street W., St. Paul, MN         651-698-8801

Deceased while traveling                     1-800-441-1122
Procedures for returning a spouse or immediate family member for burial via Delta (Delta Cares); you must have:
Toll free number 1-800-441-1122
Latest Retiree News 

Posted April 21, 2017:

Posted February 23, 2017:
January/February 2017 Plane Talk

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Posted June 10, 2016:

Posted June 24, 2015:

Posted June 9, 2015:
April / May 2015 Plane Talk

The April / May 2015 edition of Plane Talk, the Local 1833 Retirees Club Newsletter, is available for DOWNLOAD HERE.

Posted June 1, 2015:

Posted January 7, 2014:
The DB Cooper High Jacking

Posted August 26, 2013:

Good Afternoon

These two photos were taken exiting the MSP Lindbergh Terminal but not standing in the exact same area. One is 1970 photo the other in 2013. Both views are facing the end of old nwa hangar 1 / 494 / river southeast direction.

I want to say thank you very much for all of you who have purchased my 2013 nwa dvd 'The Golden Years' and any of my previous nwa dvd's.

Jim  O.

Posted August 15, 2013:

Posted June 13, 2013:
NWA DVDs For Sale

First, I want to say thank you for all of the many responses and the good words for the nwa dvd's. All dvd's are mainly about the maintenance portion of nwa - Hangar views, tail stands, shops, a/c overhaul and mech's. If you are a former mech or related you will recall all of the nwa scene's.

I will be selling them in person at 4 events this summer:

1. Local 1833 picnic, Highland Park, St Paul, Thur, June 20, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
2. Farmington Bkfst, Farmington, MN, Tues, July 16, 8:00 am to 11:00 am
   location: From the east or west - Hwy 50 and 3rd St, downtown, at the stop light, look north behind the gas station is Celts Pub, this is where the bkfst is held
3. Lovgren Hangar Party, 290 Hotel Lane, So St Paul, 4:00 pm till late
4. Farmington Bkfst, Farmington, MN, Tue, Aug 20, 8:00 am to 11:00 am

If you cannot make any of these events, in Late August, I will send out another blanket e-mail seeking persons who would like to purchase my nwa dvd 'The Golden Years' and have it mailed to their home.

The cost is $10 for each nwa dvd bought from me in person.

The cost is $12 for each nwa dvd to be mailed to your home.

If you have allready wished to have a dvd mailed to your home, I have saved your e-mail address, but no action taken, until late August.

Thank you for your interest

Jim Oelschlager

This is just one of the 533 nwa still photos that are on my next nwa dvd.

Remembering where we worked -- Many interior hgr photos of hgr 1 - 7, some shops, hgr events, mechs, a/c in MSP overhaul. It covers mainly years 1960 thru 2004.

If you had purchased one of my previous nwa dvd's I made a effort to have your photo included on this dvd.

If you worked MSP from 1960 to 1995 you probably will know most of the mechs on the photos.

I will be selling / taking orders for this nwa dvd at the:

1833 Retiree's Picnic - Thur June 20 - 11:00 am till 1:00 pm at Highland Park, St Paul

Cost is $10 at the picnic

Hope to see you there - and that it does not rain, we need a break.

Jim Oelschlager

Posted June 11, 2013:

Chg'd Aug 1926 to Oct 1926 - Aug was a error Oct is correct....

This may have been Northwest Airways 'first' logo. Recently, I have seen this logo on two different a/c photos from the year 1926 / 1927. From October 1926 - July 1927 they carried air mail only.

05 July 1927, they added passenger service and a new / different logo was born.

Jim O

Posted May 25, 2013:
The Alzheimer's Association

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The Alzheimer's Association has been recognized as a top large nonprofit to work for by The NonProfit Times, the leading information provider for the nonprofit sector.

We enhance care and support
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Related information

Posted May 1, 2013:

My 2012 NWA DVD "NWA, The Early Years 1926-1960" this photo was not included. Research had not found the mo/day dedication date of the original WCF psgr terminal. This year I called MAC - told my story to a MAC architect - he then went to their archives - 3 hrs later he called me back with this info. The photo is included in my 2013 NWA DVD "NWA, The Golden Years."

Jim O.

Posted April 15, 2013:
Hangar Mural

Do you recall this photo being on the end of Hgr 1, around 1989/1990?

If you have any information about this photo, or have the actual photo, would you please reply?

I cannot absolutely verify that it was actually painted on the end of Hgr 1.

Thank You,
Jim  O.
(email: joelsch57@charter.net)

Posted February 20, 2013:
Notice of Address Change

The mailing address for the Retiree's Club has changed. Effective immediately, the new mailing address is:

1833 Retiree's Club
P.O. Box 97
Newport, MN 55055

Please update your address books accordingly. Thanks!

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